GTIP (or gtip, or G.T.I.P./g.t.i.p.) is the abbreviation of Customs Tariff Statistics Position. In our country, it is the name given to the 12 code in the GTIP Customs Tariff Chart.

All over the world, the Harmonized System forms the basis of the tariff schedule of each country. The Harmonized System, whose official name is The Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding Systems, is an international trade classification system used for all goods subject to international trade. All products subject to trade in the Harmonized System are classified within a certain logic and systematic framework.

Bedroom GTIP code 9403

If the full 12-digit version of the bedroom gtip code is 940350000000

For those who want to learn more, the details are below.

Chapter No 94
Description of Chapter Furniture, Medical or Surgical Furniture, Bedding and Similar Stuffed Articles; Lighting Devices Not Specified or Not Elsewhere in the Tariff; Advertising Lamps, Illuminated Signs, Illuminated Nameplates And The Like; Prefabricated Buildings

Chapter No 20
Miscellaneous Finished Goods

Source https://www.gumruk.com.tr/gtip/listele.aspx?ID=9403.50#body